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Default Re: Templates - are they worth it?

Originally Posted by cchocolate View Post
Hi - i'm looking at getting the bbm templates but with shipping it comes to over $70! On little pink lady bug the shipping alone os over $40!

Are they worth it? I'm just getting into selling and they make it all look so simple and the results are just beautiful i'm so tempted.

I think classic style bows would be very popular here but i'm desperate to give some ott bows a go (mainly for my own darling little girl).

What do you think?

The shipping is over $40 alone for the Little Pink Ladybug? I just ordered it and it was only about $8 for shipping, are you in Canada? Well I have to say, I am so thrilled with this set. They just ran a sale so I was able to get it for just under $50 shipped. The books are so detailed and you can tell a lot of hard work and effort went into them and I love that the pages are cardstock. I definitely think they are worth it!
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