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Thanks everyone! What nice compliments for our group! I'm sure I speak for all of my groupmates when I say that we are honored that you ladies like our bows so much!

I was the one who said last week that we weren't actively looking for new members. However, in the future if we are, we will certainly get the word out. Several have said that they are interested to know what our group is looking for in potential members, so I thought I'd share a little bit. This is not a "complete" list, but it's a few things that come to mind. First and foremost, we are always looking for that "wow" factor (as mentioned before). There isn't really any other way to describe that - other than bows that you see and go "wow!" In addition to that, we are looking for bows that are extremely high quality (ie, symmetrical, heat sealed, well made, etc). Good feedback is another must have - we want to see a solid record of selling and making customers happy. And finally, presentation is key. Sometimes beautiful bows are made to look less than stellar because of bad pictures. Pictures are hard, I know - I think every bowmaker struggles with this from time to time.

Thanks again for the compliments!

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