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Originally Posted by xiwang View Post
Hi Sara! First off, I'm pretty sure they didn't blur the background in Gimp. That effect in the photo you linked to is usually achieved by using the macro setting on your digital camera. Macro focuses on close-up objects, and will blur out the rest of the background automatically.

And yes, that probably achieved that white background look using a light box and some editing in Gimp or Photoshop! I made my own light box using a tutorial I found ( and then I always edit my photos in Gimp using the Levels tool to achieve a crisp, white background.

To resize photos in Gimp, go to Image > Scale Image. Hope that helps!
Thank you SO much! I appreciate the advice I will have to play around with my camera...Macro setting is the little flower pic, right?? I'm hopeless with electronics LOL Thanks again
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