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Default Re: In need of help please!

Originally Posted by BowsByBug View Post
I am new to this site and I am still having an issue navigating my way through it. I had a couple questions, and as this is the most frequently used forum I though I would post it here. I have some really adorable bottle cap images, but I have not yet learned how to put the images on the bottlecaps. is there a certain machine that I need to use or an at-home way to do it? Also, I am really in need of some free tutorials on bows, and I haven't beeen able to find but a couple on this site even though the name of the site is free hairbow tutorials lol Are there really not that many on here, or am I not looking in the right place? Thanks for all of your help!!!!

Click on the link and scroll down you will see a few instructions on bottle caps.

There is a ton of information on here. The sticky at the top of the page where you posted this has 20 pages of free tutorials, yes a lot are clippies but there are also hairbows. I know there is tbb, tuxedo, inside out/leaf tip bow instructions just to name a few. Take some time to go through those pages.

Also the search feature is your best friend. Look up towards the top of your screen under the advertisement banner There will be a medium blue bar with greyish white writing. That is where you will find the search button (3rd from the right).
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