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Default Re: Cheer Bow Flip Flops

I would think E6000 woudl work best. Even take a old nail file to "rough up" the plastic and might help sitck even better. I am going to try a make some for my girls. How much is everyone selling them for? I am thinking they are going to want them at the gym when they seem my girls wearing them!
Originally Posted by nicolegoodrich View Post
Hey Ladies! I have been attempting to attach my mini cheer bows, about the size of the popular key chain bows, to flip flops and I have not had ANY luck!

First I tried to just hot glue them and they popped right off of the plastic flip flop, then I tried to super glue and it still came up. I am not sure how everyone is attaching them because if I would to use thread to tie it you would be able to see the thread! Ughhh, any ideas that work for you!

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