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Default Re: Dog Bow tutorial wanted

Originally Posted by petliks View Post
Latex bands can break small amount of hair...I used to own a dog grooming salon before I started in dog bow..and then growing into children bows.

For a top knot will have to put a ponytail in and then the bow...I use barrettes a lot on my dog vixie..but I always put her top knot in latex bands first and then switch out the barrettes often...I redo the topknot weekly.

For show bows I use bands you sew two to the back so when the first one breaks you can use the second one... Once your pet is trained to wear a topknot..bows last a long time.

A pet owner will usually choose barrettes over bands..because they are easier..I just don't like the look of a bow flat on a dogs head...because I love top knots
I use mini alligator clips with teeth when I use barrettes. But on the other hand because dogs chew and swallow things many people don't like barrettes because of the danger if they chew the bow.. HTH

OMG! Your dog is so cute! What breed is she?

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