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Default Re: Copyright Issues When Making Bottle Caps?

I think the best way to sum everything up is that it is illegal to download trademarked items or copyrighted graphics and make items to sell...such as bottlecap images. If you do, you are taking a risk. If you were wanting to make images for bottlecaps such as NFL, MLB, college teams, NASCAR, Hello Kitty, etc, you must contact the company or organization and get permission or purchase a liscense to sell these goods.
As far a purchasing liscensed fabrics/textiles and creating something with these fabrics...there seems to be a great deal of interpretation. It is my understanding that these textiles are only for private use only and reselling for profit is not allowed. Depending on the aggressiveness of the company/organization would determine whether or not they would take action. Most companies/organizations would probably not mess with small scale sales, but they could.

Ultimately, when dealing with trademarked/copyrighted items, it is best to leave it alone unless you go through the steps to gain permission. That's my opinion based on all the research I have done. There may be those that try to justify what they are doing as being technically legal, but the owners of these trademarked/copyrighted items are entitled to protect their works/marks to the fullest extent of the law should they choose to.
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