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Default Re: New USASF Rules Regarding Bows

Originally Posted by porcelaindoll View Post
Not sure if everyone's seen USASF's new bow rules....
“Bows should not be excessive in size (acceptable bows are generally no more than 3” in width) and shouldn’t be a distraction to the performance. Bows should be worn in a manner to minimize risk for the participants”
I read this as 3” wide ribbon being the maximum size you can use, but I've had people say the 3” would be illegal. I was just wondering what's everyone take on this is?
I don't make cheer bows but based on what you quoted it says bows no wider than 3" which means 3" is the maximum considered acceptable. But it also says should not instead of a more definite wording like may not and goes on to say generally which makes it sound like depending on how the bow looks, larger than 3" may be acceptable as well. If this is a rule it is poorly worded. jmo
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