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Default Re: In need of help please!

there is no trick. everyone on here is very helpful. there are free instructions to some basic bows. I have been bowmaking for five years. at first just for my daughters, now, not long ago I opened up my own etsy shop. Im getting ready to purchase my first tutorial. you can even search blogs for tutorials. just google what you are looking for if you cant find a tut on here. I know so many who are willing to help and have helped me tons. read through the threads. this is a great forum and without it and the support of other bow makers on here I wouldnt be the bow maker i am today. it takes time and practice. the first bow i mastered was the pinwheel and I believe there is a tut on here and a good one on girly things as well. id be happy to help with what i can if you would be more specfic and direct you somewhere if I cant help. I just dont have the time to lead you to every single free tutorial out there. there are a lot. =) good luck to you
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