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Default Re: For everyone, Please take note of your pics surroundings before posting for sale

Originally Posted by onegodgirl View Post
Personally, I think there's nothing more cute than a little doll with my creation on. I've been thinking of working out a deal with a local photographer.
Not only will it benefit her when I post her pictures on my business page but it will benefit my work because of the quality of her photographs.
For the time being, this is what I do:

I use foam board from dollar tree and cover in black and white polka dot wrapping paper. I also use black and white damask wrapping paper.
I pin my bows from the back to the board with T-pins before I put an alligator clip on. This makes the bow lay smoother for pictures.

I then prop the foam board up against the wall on my antique flat black
wash stand in my bathroom, turn out all the lights and use only my camera flash. I use doilies, a black/white vintage purse,
and vintage ladies gloves and vintage powder cans for props.

For my headbands I use a three tear iron candle holder that I spray painted black. I covered three small styrofoam balls with brown trouser socks and use these as head displays for the bows
I even gave one head a pony tail. I created the pony tail by
pulling the trouser sock 1/2 way onto the sytrofoam ball, gathered it with an elastic band and cut strands until it looked like hair

i would also be instrested in seeing pictures please xx
Please like my facebook page and i will return the likexxxx If i have bought something from you would you be so kind as to give me some feedback as i will you xxxx
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