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Default Re: length for head bands

preemie or new newborns I do 12" foe
infant 13.5"
toddler 16.5"
child/teen 17.5"
adult 19.5"

For shows though I only do 13.5" and 17.5" and have never had any complaints

Originally Posted by MarcootBoutique View Post
I know this has been asked and answered but could not find it. How long do you cut headbands, both the crochet ones and FOE. I buy the rolls of crocheted elastic at HB and have lots of FOE. I have been cutting it 10-12 inches but need to know the correct sizes for babies and older children. I was surprised that teenagers bought some of the few I had at the last craft fair and was afraid they would find them too little when they tried them on. I appreciate any help. TY
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