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Default Re: For everyone, Please take note of your pics surroundings before posting for sale

I used my purple quilt square cutting mat, just because it has the squares and measurements all over it, it gives the buyer an idea of the size of the images on the ribbon, however I admittedly always have towers and rows of ribbon all over the place in the background, I don't know if that's good or bad, but regularly I have people asking if I have any other stock I might not have listed lol But other then a nice decorative picture, I think the cutting mat is a good idea to have as one of the pictures, I know when buying things I'm too lazy to get a ruler out to see how big or small something will be, when it's on the mat and you can see the inch squares, makes it a bit easier to figure out. Toenails and tobacco is pretty gross. You'd think they could find a piece of clean linen or a piece of scrap fabric to take a photograph on if they don't have any decent surfaces around the house :S I have 1 dedicated room in my home for stock and hobbies, I know not everyone can have space like that, but they should have a dedicated, relatively clean spot that wouldn't get bothered by family or pets, fingernails or smoking.
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