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Default Re: Copyright Issues When Making Bottle Caps?

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
If you buy stickers with the images on them then you can use that on your bottle cap and you are safe from copyright issues. The image can come off anything you purchase auctually but stickers may be easy to find for you. HTH!
Here is another Copyright tidbit to chew on. It is legal to use copyrighted items you have legally bought to recreate something, fabrics etc. Here is the kicker...under the First Sale Doctrine.

17 U.S.C. §109(c)*creates a limited exception to a copyright owner’s public display right. Owner of a lawful copy of a copyrighted work can, without permission from the copyright owner, display that copy to viewers present at the place where the copy is located. For example, owner of copy cannot display the copy publicly on a website under this provision.
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