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Default Re: how do i "glue" two pieces of ribbon together?

Originally Posted by showers7x3 View Post
I am trying to make a cheer bow with 1.5 inchs of black ribbon (total used for bow 16 inches) and 7/8 inch of orange and white ribbon (8 inchs of each color). I am trying to have black ribbon be my base ribbon and the 8 inches of orange on top of the black on the right side and 8 inches of white on the left side. However... I can't keep them together. I have tried hot glue and it left what look like grease stains where the glue was. I have tried 2 different types of spray adhesive 1. looked good until it wasn't strong enough and the pieces just fell right off and the other left spots all over the ribbon like little stains. I have also tried to put the ribbon in my sticker maker and it wasn't strong enough. I would like something that it strong enough so you can't easily pull it apart and something that doesn't leave stains.. Any Ideas?? Please HELP!!!
you should use heat n bond. do a search for cheer bows and you'll get lots and LOTS of tips and instructions for layering ribbon for cheer bows. also, i highly recommend springing the $5 or so for the NBNG tutorial. it's a keeper!
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