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Default Re: Upside down bow or different style?

Originally Posted by Mrs.BowlingtheBowMaker View Post
Ok I have scoured through etsy, hg boards, tuts, EVERYTHING! And I keep coming up with 2 different ways of shaping/positioning the TBB! There is this way where the bottom loops come IN FRONT and then there is this way where the bottom loops go BEHIND the top. So my lingering question is which way is correct??? Is it just a preference, does it depend on template used???? I am second guessing all my TBB's wondering if they are upside down now!!!
There is no right or wrong way, it's however you prefer it. When I first started making them, they were all made the second way so the first way looks "upside down" to me. I don't recall seeing them made the first way until templates were being sold with instructions. I don't use templates so I don't know if they show you both ways to make them or not. At least I assume you would be able to make them either way with templates.
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