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Originally Posted by Jaykrusen View Post
If you are talking about the ones that do Hot Fix crystals...I used the one from the Creative Crystal website many years ago. I believe it was he Bejeweler.
I have done a LOT of crystaling in the past and found that doing them by hand with E-6000 glue was easier and the crystals stay on much better. The Hot fix tool is no faster because you have to wait for each crystal to heat up and melt the glue, they would fall out of the tip and land somewhere else....

I usually sit down at the table, take a regular straight pin from my sewing room, squeeze a little glue out and go. Take a dab of glue on the pin, pick up the crystal with the pin and place it. After awhile you will become quite adept and fast at it!

Here is some crystal work I did this year. All with E-6000.

Where do you get your crystals? The only ones I can ever find are hot fix or the super cheap ones that you can get at craft stores.
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