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Default Re: Double layered tutu

So here's my instructions on how to make a sewn triple layered tutu.

1. Cut your tulle strips into desired lengths. I cut 60 x 10", 12" and 15" lengths. (Don't forget to double your length so you can fold your tulle in half - so the 10" length would be cut at 20" and so on). You should use roughly 125 yards of tulle for this length tutu.

2. Fold and iron tulle strips in half so the finished length of the strip is now 10", 12" and 15".

3. Arrange your tulle strips on top of each other so that they go 15", 12", 10", 15", 12", 10" and so on.

4. Work out how wide your elastic is as that will be how far you need to sew in from the folded edge of your tulle strips. Feed your tulle strips through the sewing machine as you sew a straight line along the folded edge of your tulle strips. You will have a big pile of tulle strips all joined together when you have finished.

5. Cut your elastic to the desired waist width. For a 4-5 year old I have my elastic waists at 21". Thread your elastic through the tulle strips. Don't forget to put a pin at the end of your elastic so that the tulle doesn't slip off. If you do 180 strips like I do (60 of each layer) you will find that the tulle needs to be bunched up nice and tight along the elastic. Just keep shuffling the tulle along until you get it all onto your elastic.

6. With a zig-zag stitch sew your elastic together. Then re-arrange the tulle strips so that they cover the join in the elastic.

7. Lay your tutu out flat and go around parting each layer. I usually start by pulling the longest layer out first, separating it from the other two layers. Pull the longest layer upwards towards the middle of the tutu and leave it there. Now flip the tutu over, try and lay the tulle strips of the longest layer out flat and then start on the other two layers. Pull the shortest layer (10") strips upwards towards the waistband and bunch them up. Then go around and do the same with the next layer (12"). Then pull each 12" strip back down, laying it on top of the 15" strip and then pull the 10" strip down on top of the 12" strip forming your layers.

8. Once you have your layers sorted you can go around and fluff out the tutu. Do this layer by layer. Start with the short layer and fluff it out by pulling the two strips upwards to the waistband and separating them (pulling one end up and the other end down). This will separate and fluff them out. Gently push the short layer upwards to the middle of the tutu so you can then get to the next layer. Then go around and fluff out the next layer (12") by parting the two strips - pulling one end towards the waistband and the other downwards. Gently push that layer towards the middle of the tutu on top of the 10" layer so you can get to the last layer to fluff it out.

9. When all layers are fluffed out gently push the top two layers back down onto the bottom layer and play around with them until you have all your layers correctly defined.

10. The fluffing out is the painful part, but this is what defines your layers.

Hope this helps.
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