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Default Re: Cricut Cutting Machine????

I have a silhouette and it only cut felt when the blade was brand new and super sharp AND the cutting mat was also new and sticky. I know I read somewhere either in the manual or on their website that you shouldn't use felt in the machine...After I used it a dozen or so times it didn't cut all the way through anymore. You also have to use heat and bond or some sort of interfacing ironed on to the back of any fabric that you cut. Anything stretchy like spandex/cotton knit gets chewed up in the machine and will be ruined even with the heat and bond on the back. A silhouette does best with stiffer paper and woven fabrics. I would use a regular die cut machine for stretchy materials because it punches the shape all at 1 time, less chance for shifting and chewing the material up.
Unless you are ok with having to replace the blade every week or so at $14 a piece (depending how often you are cutting things) then I would just get a sizzix or similar. The cutting mats also loose their stickiness when certain kinds of paper get stuck to them (like construction paper or other softer weight papers) and make them basically un-usable. I think felt on the cutting mat would have that same effect. Cutting mats are $20, so using the machine to cut felt would probably not be very cost effective.

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