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Default Help with wedding garter (what kind of lace?)

Hi ladies! I am in a jam. As a gift, I offered to make my mom's best friend's daughter a hair flower and bridal sash. Now she wants me to make her a lace garter adorned with the same flowers I use on her sash. Problem is, I have NO idea how to make a garter, and she needs it in three weeks. Ugh.

I thought this would be a no-brainer, and I think once I have the right lace in hand it will be okay, but...I've spent HOURS and DAYS searching the Web for lace, and I'm kind of at a loss. Does anyone know what kind of lace you're supposed to use for a traditional lace garter? I don't want elastic lace, I know that. But other than that, should I be looking for the kind that lays flat or gathers or curves at the trim? Should it be scalloped? Scalloped on both the top and bottom? Help! LOL

Thanks so much!

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