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Default Re: Compilation of all basic bows with pics?

There really is no standard for bow names like there is with sewing (so if someone mentions a dress having raglan sleeves and a circle skirt, you have some idea of what it looks like). In some of my books and catalogs, what I know as a tails out bow is a basic bow, a twisted bow is a basic bow, a basic bow is a criss cross bow, a pinwheel bow is a circle bow, a loop bow is a bubble bow, and so on. And then there are websites or companies that just use feminine names for their bows like the Jessica or Ashlee bow! I've been making twisted bows for at least 10 years now, but at that time they were mostly called English or stand up bows. I didn't like either name so I started calling them twisted bows because the loops twist up from the head rather than lay flat. (Which is not to say I coined the term because I may have just seen it somewhere and remembered it when it came time for me to come up with a name for it.)
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