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Default Re: Petti Puff (Chiffon Puff) Tutorial

Originally Posted by RPBaker View Post
That is so pretty - I think it would be pretty simple - but, sometimes things look easy until I try them!
That's what I was thinking too but it's turning out to be not so easy.

Originally Posted by mommaoftwo View Post
Most people dont make them ,t ey buy them in buys. I have a bunch and may have the color you are looking for.
Yea, I was trying to buy one, but couldn't find one in the light yellow like this (nothing less than $6 per puff anyways). Do you happen to have one? If so, please let me know how much you'd charge and I will definitely consider it!

Originally Posted by isabellasmommy2010 View Post
I haven't made these yet. I could be wrong but it looks like you would get chiffon or organza fold it in half. roll it around itself and sew together. hope that makes since. sometimes i can see things in my head but not the best at giving directions
This is exactly what I thought they did to make it, but man, I sure haven't been able to make it look even nearly as cute as this
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