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Default NBNG templates?

I purchased a tutorial a while back on making bows. I never really got around to looking through it very much, I fell in love with kanzashi and played with that for a while, and then making some flower headbands and playing with korkers. Well, this week I started playing with the "program" I ordered, and I HATE it. Can I make bows from it? Yes, I can. They are not horrible. But the instructions are pretty limited, and CRAPPY. I cannot believe I spent money on this.

So I was looking at the NBNG. I know you can purchase the ebook or bound book, and with or without templates. What I wonder is, does it tell you how to use the templates for each of the bows? Or is it 'you use this template for XXX bow and XXX template for XXX bow'? My thing is, I know other people like the larger bows, but I LOVE the small bows...and hate to give up the style of the larger ones just because I want some smaller bows. (Does that make any sense at all?! LOL) I know you can add templates to the order if you choose, so I am assuming you can use any template for any bow, but wanted to be sure?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can explain that part to me!

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