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Default Re: Doing "goodies" for friends

Originally Posted by LizAnnsbows View Post
How do you insert the strap to the bodice? Do you make a button hole on the back and then stitch in the inside and back on the outside? I only sew the straps on the back. Double stitch and also give a few hand stitches on the corner. My daughter wear the dresses with no problems but my daughter wears mostly dresses when we go out and when we get home I take them off immediately if they are fancy dresses (church dresses, J&J or my handmade dresses).

I use a Simplicity pattern to make the knot dresses and I never tought about childprooving it. My toughts after this happened were to make an X seam on the back of the strap attached to the bodice but I am not sure if it will look all right.
Which pattern did you use so I can look at it??? I probably have it.
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