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Default Re: Doing "goodies" for friends

Ok. The strap came off. That is a bummer, and sadly it happens. But in opinion, she should have returned that one so you could repair and let your own daughter play in it if you were making her another one. I mean, if something is damaged at a store, you take it back in to get a replacement. The store does not say 'well, sure, you can keep both for no charge.' But that is my opinion.

I am like you. I dont mind sewing but I HATE to sew for others because you never know who will complain about what, and things can come apart, and that stresses me.

I had an issue with my sister, something like this. She ordered four headbands for her hotography business. I actually included two or three for no charge for my neice. Out of all of them, one did come apart and needed put back together (the elastic came apart but the rest was fine). But she threw a fit. Not that I do not feel bad that it happened, and I have been doing my headbands another way now to be SURE this does not happen to someone else, but I had included free things for her, yet she still went nuts about all she spent...even though I lowered my prices for her because she "wont pay over a certain amount to people she knows". Whatever.

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