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Default Re: Doing "goodies" for friends

Firstly, Liz, your dresses are adorable and they look very well made. Welcome to the world of being a seamstress for hire. Not many people appreciate the work that goes into making clothing. They also don't realize that saying, "OH, it looks just like something I would buy from a store!" is NOT a compliment LOL. I sew for friends all the time and do it for free. BUT, I do it on MY time frame and with the fabrics I choose. This is partially because I don't have a little girl to sew for and that makes me sad!

Secondly, "Boutique" or not, handmade clothing should stand up to more wear and tear than store bought clothing. And depending on the fabric, if it's cotton, it should be able to withstand normal washing and drying. The problem with normal laundering is that most people these days don't iron, and cotton NEEDS to be ironed for a crisp look. Ironing is very important! Most people don't think that handmade clothing is made as well as store bought, if they just took the time to look at seams and look closely in general they would realize otherwise.

The Knot dress, whether handmade or store bought, is not made to sleep in. Too much pressure from twisting and turning on the straps. On the next ones, in case some little princess wants to sleep in her knot dress LOL (every lil girl is a princess!) when you insert the ties in the back leave an extra inch or 2 inside the bodice back and reinforce the stitching back and forth b4 you turn it, topstitch after you turn it. NOW let her try and pull the strap off .

People, whether friends or not tend to think we are mind readers. If they say, my daughter wears a size 4, say "I'm sorry I need actual measurements." Because a size 4 is not always the same. Oh, and tell them to buy an actual tape measure at dollar store and not use hubby's tape measure

And Lastly (I kno i talk alot sorry) don't sew for this person anymore. You have to say to yourself, ok she is never going to be happy so I'm done.
Tell her you just don't have the time anymore you have customers to sew for that have already paid and are waiting.
Oh, and tell your friend if she had wanted pajamas she should have asked!!
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