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Default Re: That little center bow that isn't really a surround bow

You're welcome.

Here's the easier way, but I don't know if it's more confusing. I figure most of you have at least attempted the figure 8 twisted bow so my original instructions would be easier to understand. But maybe this isn't as confusing to try and explain as I think it is.

Two more photos for how to go from the first photo to the basically the fifth photo in one step (if the fifth photo showed the bow on the other side).

1 - The basic figure 8. Arrow points to the edge that is touching the cutting mat. You just flip that edge up (towards you) and down to go across the center X.

2 - The arrow is pointing to the same spot as in the first photo so I hope that makes this less confusing. Then you just do the same with the bottom loop.

(And for that flower bow from another thread, you just make a bunch of circles with a dart in the bottom and glue one on top of each other. If you cut well enough, you can cut circles from satin or grosgrain ribbon and when you sear the edges you just sear together the edges of the bottom dart/pleat so you don't have to glue the dart together.)
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