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Default Re: HELP!! Any tips on how to make this bow?? Please!

I am trying to learn how to make this bow also. I've tried the figure 8 and folding by hand. I have the TOTT Tutorials and videos along with the Ribbon Retreat Bow maker....Right now I have taken to folding this bow by hand.

I haven't gotten it quite yet but there starting to look almost right....

Thanks to this thread and a few others (search Twisted Boutique Bow) I've learnt that:

1. You have to keep the 2 rows (lines of ribbon) in the back straight
2. Use small angles on the "X" in the front Vertically and wider on the sides
3. This is just one of those bows that takes time to learn.
4. The perfect shape we are all looking for comes from a combination of shaping and starching....

Thanks to all of you ladies who continue to offer tips to newbies like me.
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