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Default Doing "goodies" for friends

I always knew that sometimes business between friends or family may not turn that well. But still I adventured on sewing a knot dress for a friend.
She is not really a close friend. She is someone I met recently and she saw a picture of a knot dress I made and she requested me to do a dress for her daughter. Her daughter and mine are the same age but she is always telling me how her daughter is growing so fast and might use a 4t by August. So, instead of making a size 3 we agree to make a 4. So, when she received the dress in the mail she said it was too big. She paid for it but she kept complaining that I made it too big. I only added 1 inch on each side of the bodice. The next day she mentioned that she did not adjust the knots to fit her daughter, that she realized that could be done. Her daughter slept with the dress on and had it on for more than 8 hours the next day....then she told me one of the straps was coming off. She kept saying also that she liked the dress so much and it was still big. So I offered to make a pillow case dress but I never said it will be free.

I can sew very well, I love sewing but I never sew for others. I wanted to try this to see how it would be to sew for other children because I am considering adding pillowcase dresses to my shop but I am too chicken about people complaining. In the end, she did not pay for the pillow case dress just for the shipping. She tought I should make it because the knot dress did not fit. This really discourages me about adding dresses to my shop. I know it will be different but just thinking about people putting "boutique" clothes in the dryer or letting children play "freely" outside and then complaining about the quality of the clothes makes me nervous.

What am I? A store where people can come and complaint and receive somethiing for free? I spent time doing both dresses. She also mentioned that she wants me to order more fabric to make more knot dresses. I won't of course.

I don't know if this is the correct area to talk about this topic, but does any of you feel use by people you know in real life asking for things you do as a business and then you end up feeling used?

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