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Default Re: what age to stop wearing bows?

This reminds me... a couple weeks ago, a young girl (12, 13, or 14 yrs old) came by and was admiring a Hello Kitty Deluxe Hairbow I had just finished making. I asked her if she was thinking of buying it for herself or as a gift and she said she wanted it for herself - but she wanted her father to pay for it. So she went to find her father who apparently thought she was too old for hairbows. She came back a couple times to admire it some more. Then someone else bought it about 5 minutes after she walked away. She came back later and asked me where it was... with money in her hand... and it was gone :-( I guess she either convinced her Dad to give her the money or she robbed a store in the mall .

Poor thing, she was really disappointed and I didn't have any more Hello Kitty resins to make her a new one.
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