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Default Re: Paracord Bracelet Charms?

They came in and I'm a little disappointed So don't order from this place lol. One DH's fingerprint imprinted into the resin while taking it out of the package. The colors don't even match on a pair and some have flecks of stuff that fell in them, like thread or something. ANywho enough complaining They are TINY compared to what they look like online. THe image is a little smaller than my pinky nail. I didn't get a chance to measure and I have grumpy kids but I'll let you know during naptime
Originally Posted by frteach View Post
They do make lots of traceable templates for scrapbooking and we might find one with an oval the right size. You then use an exacto knife or other cutting tool and just trace the shape. I have one template like that and once I know the measurements I can check to see if the oval is small enough.

I am hopeful we will find a punch though. I saw one yesterday online that looked like it might be small enough, but until we get a measurement, it is hard to be sure. Hope those ordered charms arrive soon!
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