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Originally Posted by manshan View Post
Well, I knew something about them was striking me as odd, but I could not figure out why. Maybe the fact she purchased them is what it was! Ugh!!

Wonder if I could put them on the snap clips if I make some smaller ones? Do they hold in a baby's hair better than alligator? I keep thinking the alligator clips would pull hair on a little one? (I know, totally clueless about girls!! Panic is setting in!!!!)
Well it doesn't really have to be that she purchased them, she could have made them. I'd think the clip choice depends on how much hair and how thin the hair is. I used fully lined alli clips on my daughter and for the first few months I didn't attach anything to her hair just to headbands. I never tried the snap clips.

Congrats by the way, I remember the excitement of expecting a girl.
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