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Default Bows, clippies, etc.

Found this website and thought I'd share links on their tutorials! (Although these awesome HG's probably have tuts already listed! )

Applique Shirt:

Ballet Tutu Bow Holder:

Super Duper Cute Bandana Dress:

Basic Double Loop, Tails Down Bow (it still kicks my butt!):

Bow Board:

Flower Clippie:

Calla Lily Ribbon Sculpture:

How to Line French Clips:

Castle Clippies:

Cupcake Clippie:

How to fluff a bow:

Headband Beanie:

Interchangeble Headband:

Crayon Keeper:


Mouse Ear Clippie:

Pacifer Clip:

Perky Loops:

The Pinwheel Bow:

These are all from the same site, so click around, everything is easy to locate! Enjoy!

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