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Default Re: Paracord Bracelet Charms?

I'll let you know tomorrow how many we would be up for. I'm guessing at least 50 but maybe more. I'll talk to DH and see what his thoughts are since paracord is his "baby"
Originally Posted by frteach View Post
Until we get them, I cannot say for sure if there is a punch that would fit them or not. They do look more oval than round in the picture, but sometimes pics are misleading.

Making bottlecaps is easy. You print your design, cut it out and then use a sticker maker to stick it to the bottle cap. You mix equal parts of resin together and pour a small amount into the cap to seal the picture.

We have to order 300 of these so I would need a firm commitment from people who are interested so I don't get stuck with all 300 of them.
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