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Default Re: I got a what?

I just got one recently too, and I was making a TON of cuts for tuxedo bows. I'm sure I couldn't have cut all this ribbon so fast with scissors and a lighter.

It was a huge timesaver, namely because most of the cuts didn't need to be of it was concealed.

However, I found that it doesn't always cut through the ribbon as cleanly as I would like it to. I use a glass board with measurements.

So when I find a piece that isn't quite as nice, i just lightly touch the edge of the ribbon against the flat edge of the burner, and it works great

However, I have burned myself once or twice, and man, it hurts WAY more than hot glue, LOL.

I still like it, but I agree with previous posters...if not making a lot of cuts, not worth it to heat it up, as I'm so clumsy, that I almost burned something with it, LOL. I forgot it was still on, and I was cutting some shelf liner (contact paper), and oops!! Burned a hole in it, haha.
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