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Default Re: Spikes...oh these darn spikes

Hiya, that spike tutorial is mine :-) Sorry if it didn't help but it's how I make my bows. To answer your question, it's just a matter of preference. I am just so obsessed with everything 3D. When I crease the spike layer in the middle for me it'd look nicer from the side and the bow looks more puffy to me which I prefer. Of course you can simply lay the spikes out how you want them and sew them to secure them in place if you prefer that look. It'll look neat and very flat from the side.

Originally Posted by Faithsmommy2 View Post
Ok, I have read prob. every prior thread on here concerning spikes....and I have some questions I didn't find an answer to.


I've been using this and my problem is when I get to where I'm supposed to wrap it around to secure it. First, why is this necessary?? Why couldn't I just lay the spikes out how I want them, sew them to secure them in place, and ta da spikes!

I just can not wrap my head around how to do it and my spikes always end up messed up.

I saw this post:

Does anyone do their spikes this way?? It seems like I would follow the above tutorial up until the point where you fold it and secure it. Instead I would cut the v's in the center, and secure them where the v's are??

Someday I'll figure out what I'm doing....
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