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Default Re: Selling licensed inspired bows

Originally Posted by Faithsmommy2 View Post
So the bows they were ok with but not the bookmarks?? Silly

No I really don't think so. I've heard of people having licensed bows pulled too. I think they were just picking random stuff and didn't see my bows??? There is still a ton of Angry Bird items on Etsy so I really don't know how it's done......even in my email from them they said they couldn't answer questions about other sellers with the same items. I've heard of people with Minnie Mouse things being pulled and if you look there is a ton of Minnie Mouse on Etsy. Seems like there is no rhyme or reason. We're better off just not listing any of it but if they do pull it and contact you be sure not to relist it once you are already on their radar...I know they will close your shop.
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