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Default Re: how is this ribbon ric rac made???

Originally Posted by HokieMum View Post
Actually, you can make it yourself if you can sew a simple running stitch.

What you need to do is sewing your running stitch down your length of ribbon in a zig-zag from side to side>

so it is like that down the ribbon. Gently slide the ribbon along the thread to gather. It is easy, I promise!
Originally Posted by Mrs.BowlingtheBowMaker View Post
It is ric rac that has been pre ruffled before tackdown the machine won't ruffle it for you
Originally Posted by manshan View Post
But it doesnt look ruffled alone, it looks like it has been done to look like ric rac...I don't think that stitch is actually done down the center. If it was and you ruffle it, it would not give that side to side look. It almost looks like they actually made curves while sewing that stitch...and then gathered it into a ruffel before they sewed it on...unless I am over thinking it...but I just dont think that is a center is too cute!! Wishing I had time to play with the sewing machine this weekend...if I can get my mom to look at it I will let you know what she thinks. That woman can sew anything and has never used a pattern. I can sew, but for me it is work and I need a pattern.
Originally Posted by lilgapch View Post
I sat and figured it out, and you were right it was simple when it was done. I sewed an inch across the top of the ribbon, then the next inch across the bottom, then across the top, and so on.
Originally Posted by Jozel View Post
This is ruching--you sew stitches at 90 degree angles and pull it up to gather and make the ric-rac design. See the link below--it shows how to do it and you can down load a pdf.
This one shows how to make a gathered leaf and ruched flower. Also a pdf.

Hope this helps!

Thank You girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all rock! that`s why i love this place cause there is always someone around to help or inspirate.....I will try this immediately.
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