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Default Re: I'm pathetic. Need help with ruffled ribbon flower.

Originally Posted by midwestmommy574 View Post
Aww thanks Glad you like them even with a horrible picture They are one of my favorite things to make now! Another tip of advice and sorry if it's a repeat. Once I finish my running stitch I pull tight and slide the needle through the end I want to join to. Pull tight... it'll look WAY too tight at this point but don't leave any slack. Go through both layers and knot, and repeat once more. Flatten out, put a dab of glue to join the edges together, attach to a dlip, add center (that's waht really flattens it out) TaDa
Yes!! I think sliding the needle through the beginning end of the ribbon and back again before knotting the thread is the Missing Link I needed! Will report back tomorrow! Thanks!
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