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Default Re: I'm pathetic. Need help with ruffled ribbon flower.

Aww thanks Glad you like them even with a horrible picture They are one of my favorite things to make now! Another tip of advice and sorry if it's a repeat. Once I finish my running stitch I pull tight and slide the needle through the end I want to join to. Pull tight... it'll look WAY too tight at this point but don't leave any slack. Go through both layers and knot, and repeat once more. Flatten out, put a dab of glue to join the edges together, attach to a dlip, add center (that's waht really flattens it out) TaDa
Originally Posted by patjnj View Post
I love the way you write!

The method you describe in your second paragraph sounds scary, but I'll give it a try!

How do you measure the outer circumference before it's made?

Thanks again!

I would love to see a pic of one of yours when you have a chance! Does 14 inches make a "flat" circle, or do you spiral the gathered ribbon to create more of a 3-D effect? It sounds long to me for 7/8, which is why I'm asking.


Thanks so much for sharing your lengths and pics... yours are perfect--just the look I've been shooting for! I was going to hide the alli clip completely under the flower, but I think that the way you have assembled yours is adorable! I've been working on three bows for my baby granddaughter (my first three besides the tuxedo I made for her big sister's Minnie Mouse party hat a couple of weeks ago)--a small pinwheel, a small one-layer flower loop, and this darned thing. I'll post pics when all three are done (assuming I ever make the third one!)

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