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Default Re: I'm pathetic. Need help with ruffled ribbon flower.

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
if you have some satin ribbon or lace . . . that works up easier/gathers better than grosgrain and i'd suggest using this 1st to get the feel/hang of it . . . and keep in mind it does make a difference as to the thickness and bendability of the material.

and at the end i go thru the 1st stitch & have the raw ends together . . . and then gather - look at it to make sure i like it - and then secure the two ends together and then cut the ribbon/heat seal them together. if i don't like the way it looks . . . i just cut the thread and start again. haha - no more wasted lengths of ribbon!

if i'm gonna make a lot from that particular ribbon - i stretch out the ribbon/ungather it and measure . . . and then just pin mark the next one.

for the length . . . i typically double the outer circumference = length - but, again, it depends on how stiff/floppy the material you're using!

if your stitches are showing - that usually means you've got to take smaller stitches so there's more gathers in the center to hide them.

crap - i hate writing the way i do stuff cause i usually leave something important out . . . but given this a try.

edit . . . just doing some more thinking (that could be dangerous) and i remember reading a post somewhere on here that said using elastic thread makes a big difference in how it gathers. i keep on meaning to buy some of the thread & try it.

no sympathy from me . . . i'm still working on perfecting the tbb!

edit edit - forgot one more thing - an old quilter's trick . . also move the ribbon when gathering . . . now this one needs a video to explain - and before you ask, i'm not video savvy !
I love the way you write!

The method you describe in your second paragraph sounds scary, but I'll give it a try!

How do you measure the outer circumference before it's made?

Thanks again!

Originally Posted by elysasmommy View Post
I make mine using 7/8 ribbon and when I want more ruffle I cut it at 18 in or 14 in for less ruffle. Also I don't sew mine when I'm done gathering I just tie the ends of my thread together, I also use embroidery thread to do the running stitch, normal thread doesn't hold very well for me . It does depend also on the ribbon. HTH

Ill try to post a pic of mine later today.
I would love to see a pic of one of yours when you have a chance! Does 14 inches make a "flat" circle, or do you spiral the gathered ribbon to create more of a 3-D effect? It sounds long to me for 7/8, which is why I'm asking.


Originally Posted by midwestmommy574 View Post
I use 9 inches for 7/8 and 15 inches for 1.5" The picture isn't great but there's a quick shot of what they look like. If you can't get it down I'll sell ya some
Thanks so much for sharing your lengths and pics... yours are perfect--just the look I've been shooting for! I was going to hide the alli clip completely under the flower, but I think that the way you have assembled yours is adorable! I've been working on three bows for my baby granddaughter (my first three besides the tuxedo I made for her big sister's Minnie Mouse party hat a couple of weeks ago)--a small pinwheel, a small one-layer flower loop, and this darned thing. I'll post pics when all three are done (assuming I ever make the third one!)

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