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Default Re: BBM template - old vs. new!

I was sucked in after researching the boards on the newer model and purchased it. Let me say, it is definitely worth the money. I loved the old set and could make twisted pretty easily with them, but loved that the new set had surround templates. I would use bbm for twisteds and then the nbng instructions for my surrounds (which was basically still doing it by hand, but the instructions made them very easy). I really prefer to use the BBM surround templates now - they are awesome. The measurements are listed on the templates, so no going back and forth finding what measurements you use for what.

The twisted boutique templates (new ones) definitely make my tbb look incredibly twisted - great for ott bows. The snap sets are definitely a bit easier to work with too. So, now I have 3 different bow template sets....this one is my favorite so far. Not sure if I should try and sell my old set or keep it....I am kind of attached to that one as well
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