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Red face I'm pathetic. Need help with ruffled ribbon flower.

For the life of me, I can't figure out what length of 7/8-inch ribbon to use for a basic ruffled ribbon flower--the kind made by sewing a running stitch along the edge of a piece of ribbon (I'm using grosgrain), then pulling the thread to gather the ribbon into a circular shape. You sew the cut edges of the ribbon together and you're done.

You're done if you're normal, which I am not. No matter what I do, the ribbon either comes up too short or too long to create the look I'm shooting for. I've even tried leaving the ribbon uncut and cutting it at what seems to be a good length (after sewing the running stitch), but even after anchoring the end of the running stitch with a few backstitches, the last inch or so won't stay gathered, so the flower is too "flat", and you can even see the (running) stitches.

Is there some Magic Formula for determining a good length based on ribbon width? Or am I just doomed to failure with this flower? Maybe there's a gene for it that I didn't get? Is there some trick to how spaced apart the stitches should be?

I'll be grateful for any suggestions. Or even just sympathy. Thanks.
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