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Default Spikes...oh these darn spikes

Ok, I have read prob. every prior thread on here concerning spikes....and I have some questions I didn't find an answer to.


I've been using this and my problem is when I get to where I'm supposed to wrap it around to secure it. First, why is this necessary?? Why couldn't I just lay the spikes out how I want them, sew them to secure them in place, and ta da spikes!

I just can not wrap my head around how to do it and my spikes always end up messed up.

I saw this post:

Does anyone do their spikes this way?? It seems like I would follow the above tutorial up until the point where you fold it and secure it. Instead I would cut the v's in the center, and secure them where the v's are??

Someday I'll figure out what I'm doing....
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