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Originally Posted by mepoohbear2 View Post
I have recently started making the woven headbands and love them. Mine are made with the 1/2" or 3/4" plastic bands. My niece loved them also and wants me to make her some but wanted them made with the wider band 1 1/4". What I am hoping someone more experienced in these could tell me do you still use the 3/8" ribbon as it seems to me that would not be as easy to cover like it is with the smaller bands. It took me awhile to master the smaller one so that is why I am asking for advice.
Any help is appreciated as this and bow making is new to this retired housewife. I just started reading on here a few days ago and love how talented all of you are. I hope that one day I will be able to do half as well as all of you.

I don't have a lot of experience with the headbands, but I was curious...

I found this youtube video and she's using a 1 inch headband and still uses 3/8 ribbon, so I don't know if that extra 1/4 inch is a big deal. HTH
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