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Default Re: Dog Bow tutorial wanted

Originally Posted by my6girlz View Post
I make these, you'll need some dowel rods, knitting needles, writing pens, pencils, anything that is the shape of a rod, like the ones for korkers, what ever size you need the loops to be, usually the smaller width ribbons are used, and you can stack the different sizes on one bow for a different look measure the ribbon to ensure the loops will fit the rods,leaving a little extra so it'll be easier to cinch, just sew the bows as you would normally, sew the beads while sewing the centers, then stack if you want a stacked bow, the top bow needs to be a little smaller then then the bottom, sew together along with a spike at the bottom and sew on 2 small rubber bands to the back, you can buy them off eBay (or there are a lot of suppliers you can find just looking up orthodontic bands), everything, the bands, all sewn, no glue. when finished, slide the rods in the loops and spray very good, they need to be stiff, with your favorite stiffener (I use hair spray) and let dry, or use a blow dryer, this is what gives them the round puffy look, for my doggy, she has short hair, so I glue a plastic barrette and clip them to her sweaters that she charge for these instructions, hope this helps
Thanks SO much! ! !
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