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Default Re: Bad follow through from customer..what do you think?

Sorry, I am new here, so I hope its ok if I respond to your question! If it were me, I don't think I would contact her again. But if she contacts you and wants to order them, I would just play stupid (and innocent). Just say something like, "Oh, ok, great I would love to still do these for you! I just need a deposit and they will be done by X." And if she says thats too late, thats when you can play innocent and just say, "Oh, no I'm so sorry! I wish I could have started this sooner for you! Well let me know if you ever need me again, thank you so much for thinking of me!" Or something like that, kill her with kindness (which would kill me to do, since she doesn't sound very nice herself) but since she could possibly tarnish your name you may have to. I agree don't do them without collecting 50-100% of the money up front. My husband is an artist and he had someone nto pay him for months and so now he requires PIF before he begins. Crazy thing is this guy just came back for more work! Yea, whatever!
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