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Default Sharpie Tie Dye on FOE anyone?


Wondering if anyone has tried to do the sharpie tie dye on FOE for the bracelet/ponytail ties?

Someone on one of the groups I am in on FB did, and they were really cute. (I cannot find the post now, so I dont know if it was way further back than I thought or if it was removed!!) I just want to do a few for my step daughter for Easter. Tried one, and it is not bleeding out well.

So is it the elastic? Because I tried it on cotton and it bled out great and was really pretty, but the elastic it really isnt bleeding. Just a tiny bit, and just looks more like a mistake than anything crafty. I am bummed, I wanted it to turn out like the cotton did.

So I just wondered if anyone else has had any luck with this method and if you have any tips?


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