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Default Re: Tutu Onesie Question! Advice Please...

Originally Posted by TheirMommy View Post
Ok, so here's a front and back of one on a 0-3 month onesie. I have errors on this one as I know you all could plainy see. Which leads to another question (sorry) what should I do with less then perfect items price wise? Do I still list it at my normal price or bellow due to flaws? TIA!
I'm not a seller, but I'll give you a buyer's perspective. If it has immediately obvious flaws then I'd expect it to be discounted because of those flaws. So I'd sell them for less and make some mention of the these items have minor flaws that do not meet my standards and so are being sold at a discounted price. If you just mix them in with your regular stuff and sell for the regular price then I'd think your workmanship is sloppy and I might rethink purchasing from you.
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