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Default Re: Need Minnie Mouse party hat bow help! I'm overwhelmed, distraught,

Originally Posted by mlhardison1 View Post
Yep, I would definitely make the top one just slightly smaller and just stack them right on top of each other.
I know, sometimes you know what you want but just can't come up with it. You have me searching Minnie Mouse bows on etsy!! Now I have some new things I want to make, just what I need!!
Good luck!! I really wouldn't stress. I think the bow is going to be the smallest part of the hat. I wish I could do the hat! She's 3, she's going to love it no matter. And I bet she/you get tons of compliments!!
Thanks again for all your support! Glad you have new things to make = more supplies to buy!!!

Originally Posted by SarahMerritt_22 View Post
make 2 of the tuxedo bows use 9 inches of 1.5 in ribbon fold it in half bring the 2 ends to the middle and sew up down up down up then do the other the same way. stack the first one on the 2nd one and spread them to show the loop parts of each. glue them then wrap a ribbon around the center.
Thank you! Do you mean that I should crease each bow first and then sew in the middle (maintaining the creases)--or sew each in the middle and then pull the thread to cinch?

Originally Posted by Jaykrusen View Post
OK, I love this...I can see the "Grandma Wars!" now LOLZ. If you need anything to swing the tables your way I'll be glad to help in the future. I'm a wannabe Grandma myself....not that I want my girls to have babies yet, but I want a baby around to sew for!!

Also, would like to see pics from the party, in her Etsy dress and party hat!! PLEASE
The other grandmother lives 15 minutes away from my DD and sees both of my granddaughters (the 3-year-old's little sister is 8 months old) almost every day; she takes the older little miss places all the time, has "sleepovers" with her, does lots of fun things with her, etc. I, on the other hand, live an hour and 45 minutes away and am lucky if I get to see them once a month. I know it's not a rivalry, but it still hurts that circumstances are such that the girls will always feel closer to Her, simply because of the different circumstances. I've initiated some special activities and traditions with the birthday girl, and will do that with the baby, too, just so she'll know that I love them, no matter how infrequently I see them.

I will do my best to take those pics and upload them! If nothing else, I'll definitely post pics of the finished hat (and the fairy princess wand I made for her!) before they are handed off to her on Saturday!
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