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Default Re: Need Minnie Mouse party hat bow help! I'm overwhelmed, distraught,

Originally Posted by patjnj View Post
Now, there's a thought!!! Being bow-challenged, though, I'm not sure if you mean that I would stack them (and would I make the top one slightly smaller than the bottom one?)--or place them side by side (long sides touching), pinch them together and join them with one center ribbon?

I think I'm in love with you! I've literally been making myself sick to my stomach, trying to make a hat that my granddaughter will love and that my own DD will be proud of (in front of the "other" grandmother... you know how that is!!)
Yep, I would definitely make the top one just slightly smaller and just stack them right on top of each other.
I know, sometimes you know what you want but just can't come up with it. You have me searching Minnie Mouse bows on etsy!! Now I have some new things I want to make, just what I need!!
Good luck!! I really wouldn't stress. I think the bow is going to be the smallest part of the hat. I wish I could do the hat! She's 3, she's going to love it no matter. And I bet she/you get tons of compliments!!
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